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About SIND
SIND was established in 1960.

Districts and local branches are managed by boards elected by and among the respective members. 

SIND may be reached via the Secretariat:

Contact person:
Mr. Knud Kristensen, President of SIND

SIND - Landsforeningen for psykisk sundhed
Blekinge Boulevard 2
DK-2630 Taastrup

Tel. 0045 3524 0750
Fax 0045 3536 1136
Website: www.sind.dk
E-mail: landsforeningen@sind.dk  

SIND (the Danish Association for Mental Health) advocates understanding and tolerance of people with mental problems and illnesses and their families. SIND seeks to attract more attention to mental health and make people care. SIND takes initiatives and supports initiatives to promote mental well-being, prevention and treatment.

A diverse group of members
SIND has some 7,000 members among which are people suffering from mental disorders, relatives and others - persons and institutions - with an interest in mental health. One of the goals of SIND is to advance understanding and acceptance of mental illnesses among the mentally ill and among relatives, friends, colleagues, employers and society in general. Information material and lectures are just two means to achieve the goal.

Influence on politicians
SIND tries to influence politicians to substantially improve conditions for the mentally ill and their families and we utilise all channels to do so: government, parliament, ministries, local politicians and the media. And we publish information material. Furthermore, SIND is approached in connection with bills which will have an impact on people with mental problems and disorders and their families, if passed.

Activities and network
SIND supports - practically and financially - clubs, coffee rooms, information and counselling centres, house-sharing schemes, and educational programmes for the mentally ill as well as counselling services and network groups for relatives. Other SIND activities are support groups and support person networks in a number of cities where volunteers agree to spend a few hours each week with a mentally ill person. SIND activities are mainly performed by volunteers, but naturally we also need financial assets.


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SIND - Landsforeningen for psykisk sundhed
Blekinge Boulevard 2
2630 Taastrup
Tlf: 35 24 07 50
H.K.H Kronprinsesse Mary
er officiel protektor for SIND